About Nepal


Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia with in the Latitude of 26°20’N to 30°26’N & longitude of 80°03’E to 88°15’E bordered by India in south, west and east and north by china. It is the birthplace of messenger of peace Lord Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, whereabouts of the world’s highest peak Mt Everest (8,848) m along with other 7 mountains over 8,000m as well as the deepest Gorge Kali Gandaki and is also birthplace of the bravest of the brave Gurkha warriors. Nepal is adorned with the lustrous mighty Himalayan range in the north and dressed with tropical lowland greenery in the south. Nepal occupies only 0.03% of the earth & 0.3% of Asia with an area of 1,47,181 square kilometers.

Nepal is a nature’s paradise a small country amid two giants of the Asian continent – China and India. Despite these giants circumventing the country’s borders, Nepal speaks a language a culture of its own. The speech is real when one witnesses the alluring majestic Himalayas, the ancient temples, historical cities, or the mystical footprints of spiritual seekers from ancient territory. Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and the glamour of its magnificent natural wonders are always an intriguing aspect to the average tourist, because of which Nepal witnesses an ever-increasing number of travellers from around the globe. Given such a fascination of Nepal, we at Summit Trooper Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. ensure a safe home away from home experience to the traveller by flawlessly taking care of their possible emergencies and delivering comfort and compassion.

Nepal offers the ideal vacation, as it is the best holiday destination for every one around the globe. Mesmerizing different art, culture, traditions, mysterious temples, monasteries and monuments, unique festivals and lifestyle, beautiful gorgeous scenery and numerous walking trails, beautiful lakes and rivers, national parks and conservation areas and different adventurous activities like Bunjay Jumping, Sky-diving, paragliding, white water rafting etc are the noteworthy attributes of this land which has became a popular travel destination in the world. The nature has given us many things as you can enjoy the natural beauties and wonders and spend peaceful time in the lap of nature, visit for trekking and climbing mountains, to learn our history, culture, religion and so on. You can be bemused by our art, culture and hospitality and thrilled to captures the moments with your camera of rush rafting in wildest rivers of the world, paragliding high in the sky, a bird’s eye views of Hills and Himalaya, hunting the rear Asian One Horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Fierce Royal Bengal tiger and stunning scenery of Nepal which will be your ideal place in your lifetime.

General Information of Nepal

Geography: Situated between two Asian giants country china to the North and India to its East, West and South

Country can be divided into three main geographical regions

  i) Himalayan region: 15% of total land area

  ii) Mid hill region: 68% of total land area

  iii) Terai region: 17% of total land area

Capital: Kathmandu

Area: 147,181 square kilometers

Population: 29.94 million

Language: Nepali is the national language and more than 72 Ethical languages

Climate: Divided in four seasons

  i) December –February: Winter

  ii) March –May: Spring

  iii) June-August: Summer

 iv)September-November: Autumn

Amazing Facts About Nepal

Nepal occupies only 0.03% of the earth and 0.3% of Asia

8 of the mountains above 8000m located in Nepal

  i) Mount Everest – 8,848 m

  ii) Kanchenjunga – 8,586 m

  iii) Lhotse – 8,516 m

  iv) Makalu – 8,481 m

  v) Cho Oyu – 8,201 m

  vi) Dhaulagiri I – 8,167 m

  vii)Manaslu – 8,156 m

  viii) Annapurna I – 8,091 m

2% of flower species in the world found in Nepal

8% of bird species (more than 848 species) found in Nepal

4% of mammal species on earth found in Nepal

500 species of butterflies (11 of the 15 families of butterflies)

600 indigenous plant families

319 species of exotic orchids

World deepest Gorge –Kali Gandaki Gorge

10 UNESCO world heritage sites

i) Pashupatinath Temple

ii) Swyambhunath Stupa

iii) Budhanath Stupa

iv)Kathmandu Durbar Square

v) Patan Durbar Square

vi) Bhaktapur Durbar Square

vii) Changu Narayan Temple

viii) Lumbini: Birth place of lord Buddha

ix) Chitwan National Park

x) Sagarmatha National Park

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