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The dawn of Summit Trooper Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. begun with the knowledge that although many players are present in the field of Emergency Medical Assistance in Nepal, no one company exists that first emphasizes the safety and care of stranded travelers. It is a pity to learn that organizations claiming to be rescue specialists were merely focused on profit maximization with subservient knowledge of the dynamics of emergency medical assistance in the field.   With a combined knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in the field of providing top notch quality services to travelers from all around the globe, the STTE Team came together in order to create an unprecedented order of top quality emergency response emphasizing the livelihood of travelers coming to the country. STTE provides a repertoire of emergency medical assistance services to its customers with the pursuit to become the ultimate in the field.   4.1 Mr. Jay Prakash SJB Rana (Promoter / Chief Executive Officer)   Mr. Rana was born and brought up in Kathmandu Nepal. In conjunction with his studies, Mr. Rana was engaged in the leading international organizations in Nepal, including Hotel Radisson and Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Mr. Rana completed his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree through The University of Southern Queensland, Australia and later on completed his Master of Information Technology (Professional) degree through the same institution in 2010. After completing his degree, Mr. Rana came back to Nepal and joined one of the leading commercial banks in Nepal – Civil Bank Ltd to pursue his career in the credit/loan field. During his tenure, he specialized in thoroughly understanding and financing the Travel and Tourism sector of Nepal, in addition to his knowledge and experience in financing other industries including construction, retail sector, SMEs, and more.Mr.Rana is also the Permanent Resident of Australia. His professional experiences encompassing various business sectors are outlined hereunder.  
  • Rigorous Experience in Emergency Medical Assistance,
  • Disaster Management during the 2015 Earthquake,
  • Relationship and Marketing Manager, Credit – SMEs, Travel and Tourism, Civil Bank Ltd. 2011 – 2013
  • Promoter / Investor in various financial institutions, hydropower projects
  • Experience encompassing a plethora of sectors such as Leadership, Customer Services, Management, Graphic Designing, Database Design, System Analysis and Design, Database Development, Database Inference

4.2 Medical Director

  The STTE Medical Director is responsible for auditing the hospital invoices, coordinating medical doctors, nurses whenever necessary during a house call or during doctor on board requirement in an emergency medical evacuation call.  

4.3 Operation Staff


The operation staff of STTE are available 24/7 to respond and act on any alerts of emergency assistance from clients around the globe. The staff are well trained in the field and can coordinate for any emergency related services 24/7.

4.4  Engine Coordination Team

The Engine Coordination Team of STTE are available from dawn till dusk as long as the flights operate and coordinate for a timely medical evacuation.

4.5  Legal team

Companies legal team is responsible for monitoring all the legal entities and related activities in the field of emergency assistance in Nepal.
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