Cost Containment Services

The Trooper also provides a comprehensive and strategic cost containment package which is intrinsic to the organization. (Trademark pending)


As many medical facilities are seen to have a huge disparity of charges, which is not justified a lot of the times, the Trooper’s database keeps records of key findings in order to ensure that there is no room for manipulation or any other irregularities. Moreover, in the event there is a significant high billing issue, then we ensure that a reasonable and customary charge is formulated, in liaison with our professional pool of doctors.


Similarly, in the event of another provider or trekking operator having directly carried out the services, when we are activated for cost containment, we will negotiate the charges to the reasonable levels or advise the respective partner organization if they want to carry on themselves.


Given the various anomalies that may be triggered and in order to ensure we do not have to activate a Plan B or further for more effect, we always suggest that the payment or guarantee of payment may not be made / placed before the cost containment if a cost containment is sought.


Instead, the respective organization whose invoice is suspect of high billing should be acknowledged that the case is going through the needful procedure of claims acknowledgement, assessment, revision, validation and honor and they will be notified in due time frame.


In the event the insured’s passports are held by the respective organization, then this is illegal conduct, however it is natural that the respective organization who has carried out the helivac will be concerned for payment.


Hence, the solution required for the same is that the cost monitoring, containment, validation and honor is carried out before the insured’s discharge and if the decision exceeds the time frame, then a PROVISIONAL Guarantee of payment FOR REASONABLE AND CUSTOMARY CHARGES has to be provided which is not irrevocable yet subject to revision and which safeguards the organization who has delivered services.

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