Emergency Rescue and Hospital Transfer Service in Nepal

Emergency rescue and hospital service in Nepal

Emergency rescue and hospital service in Nepal offer the emergency rescue and transfer to hospital for emergency medical treatment. Nepal quite famous for trekking in mountain, we cannot ensure the weather condition up there in himalayas. Therefore travelers and trekkers often in high elevation area of Nepal need emergency rescue and medical assistance with hospital transfer service.

Summit Trooper provides rescue and hospital transfer service ensuring that in the event when there is a call for emergency rescue and evacuation services, we deliver quality medical assistance by looking at various factors such as :

  1. Quick activation
  2. Top notch logistics handling for optimum comfort of patient
  3. Whether medical doctor or medical team with ventilator support is to be placed in the chopper
  4. A non medical escort requirement

Unlike the pick and drop bus service mode of operation that is carried out by few operators which is not the standard procedure as it bears significant risk as they are then not paying any attention to the individual health conditions of the patient as has happened a numerous times through trend analysis, we ensure that we talk with the patient or the companion and alert the respective trekking operator or assistance company (whoever activates us for the services) of the requirements given the condition.

Thereafter, making needful arrangements, the patient is brought down to the pre-determined location with our engine coordination team and our operation team constantly in coordination so that the mission is carried out with maximum care ensuring comfort to the patient.

Before the patient’s arrival at the rendezvous point at the airport hangar, we always ensure that the Ground Ambulance is standby for smooth transfer to the hospital. In the event the medical facility in context already has a functional helipad facility, we carry out a helipad to helipad transfer to ensure optimum comfort and ease for the patient. These dynamics are very important and in escalating proportions reciprocal to the patient’s medical condition.

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