Medical Facility Check & Patient Extraction to the correct medical facility

A lot of the times, from trend analysis and on a recurring basis, there are instances where certain non-competent “self acclaiming” “self hype” medical facilities as well as certain well established facilities have been found to charge unusually higher than reasonable and customary charges and hence, we have special strategy to monitor any inconsistencies in every such facilities.


Various issues associated have been found to be one or another out of the following:


  1. Exchange rate manipulation
  2. Unnecessary invoice items
  3. High charges for certain invoice items
  4. Manipulation in number of doctor visits
  5. Undeserving hospitals with charges higher than elegant and comprehensive private facilities
  6. Polyclinics keeping patients overnight at the facility which is illegal when other competent facilities are abound in the vicinity


Hence, in order to combat such a scenario, we strategize the right facility so that at the end of the day, the insured receive needful and appropriate medical attention and at the same time charges are not manipulated.


Our MedFac DBMS (TM pending) ensures that all the necessary charges are monitored so that you end up paying only the right price.


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