Search and Rescue in Nepal

Search and Rescue in Nepal is the search for lost travelers who went wandering just with their GPS or simply just went on without note or any official guide. Search and Rescue generally includes mountain rescue, ground search and rescue which is conducted by identifying the type of terrain.

Although we are the advocate of proper trekking with the correct information and knowledge, using an ethical organization who provides the best guide, who provides you with all the know how for a trekking endeavor and more, there have been some travelers who just go out without concern.

Looking back to the significance where Search and Rescue in Nepal have been triggered, the analysis keeps pointing at the one common problem among some travelers, being self reliant and totally reliant on their phone GPS for the trekking and without a guide even, lacking proper trekking equipment.

Although we do not mean to stress the occurrence of such instances on solo independent travelers, the majority of cases where Search and Rescue is required is usually for independent travelers or unconventional trekkers who are a bit too excited to wander off on their own away from the expedition group or the trekking group. In such cases, we deploy special team members in the mountains, the Sherpa along with the intelligible dog squad if required to carry out the needful.

Search and Rescue services in Nepal have also been activated to find a lost insured person in a city like Pokhara & Chitwan.

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