Trekking permit for restricted areas in Nepal

Are you planning to trek to restricted areas of Nepal?

Restricted areas are those areas, as the name suggests, where in order to preserve the culture, the natural resources, the originality, the Government restricts entry. Trekking and Tour in Nepal is allowed as a solo trekker or in a group. However, there are some places labelled as Restricted areas by Government of Nepal. Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpa, Hilsa are all examples of the restricted areas of Nepal. You just need trekking permit for restricted areas in nepal under authorized trekking agency who apply for permit from Department of Immigration after fulfilling all required crucial documents and formalities.

Summit Trooper is an authorized agency to manage all the paperwork and documentation required on your behalf so that you do not have to bear the brunt of waiting recklessly on the line. Moreover, even when you require helicopter rescue assistance from such restricted areas, we ensure that we obtain the restricted area permit for the helicopter so that there is no legal repercussion as this is a mandatory requirement, which is not being exercised properly.

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